Pre Approval

Of all the decisions you’ll face when buying a home, none is more important than choosing the person who will help you get a mortgage.

Why? Because not all mortgages are the same. And neither are all lenders.

We’ll guide you through the confusing tangle of mortgage options and get one that’s right for you.

But it doesn’t cost you more to work with us. There are no additional charges. It pays because we make sure the loan you get is the right loan—a loan that helps to build your equity as fast as possible.

We recommend pre-approval before you select a home. This process will help you:

  • Determine the price range you can afford
  • Understand the types of loans you qualify for
  • Determine what your monthly payment will be
  • Estimate the down payment and closing costs
  • Make your purchase offer most likely to be accepted
  • Give you the power to negotiate with builder or seller

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